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What Is Compounding/Polishing?

 Compound - Polish - Finish      
Compounding involves abrading away the area surrounding the swirl until the defect is no longer visible. Compounding is best accomplished using a Wool Blend Cutting Pad or a Yellow Foam Compounding Pad and an abrasive polish. Wool Pads offer  the greatest cut but also produce the greatest amount of "haze". Compounding haze is a dull, surface finish which must be removed by polishing.  For vehicles with severe paint blemishes, deep scratches, and very heavy oxidation, we use a wool Pad to begin the paint restoration process. Compounding may leave the surface dull depending on the abrasiveness of the compound used. This is normal. This dullness is removed in the next step which is polishing.       

Polishing is done after compounding to remove compounding haze (surface dullness) and can also remove very fine swirls while restoring surface gloss. It creates a mirror-like, highly reflective finish ready for final protection with our revolutionary Nano Shield. We use a CCS, White Foam Polishing Pad and a silicone/wax free finishing polish.  With the surface of your vehicle reflecting like a mirror now, we move on to the final step below.          

Finishing protects the now mirror like shine on your vehicle. Finishing is always accomplished by hand using our ultra soft microfiber cloths.  We apply Nano Shield which will protect your car’s surface from oxidization, UV damage, and any other environmental damages.  This final finishing and protection will leave your vehicle’s surface shiny and looking new for months! 


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