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"Miracle Shine provides a great service for our employees – convenient, affordable and professional! The cars are sparkling clean, inside and out and our staff couldn’t be happier to have their cars looking like new again!"  Suzie F.  (Electronic Arts)

"One of the best things about Miracle Shine is that I don’t have to wash my car as often.  Just plain water and a microfiber cloth, which they provided, and I’m done."   Randy D.

After years of waxing jobs that never left me satisfied, I have found a true miracle in car detailing.  It left my car sparkling for several months.  Will definitely have my car redone at Miracle Shine again.  Eric Robinson

"I did not want to take any risks with my new Porsche.  After seeing how my buddy's Mercedes looked great months after he got a detailing job at Miracle Shine, I decided to get my Porsche detailed with them.  The nano is some pretty surprising stuff.  They even got the tree sap off!"   Brian Chen

"No other detailing job comes close!  I’m kinda lazy so the mobile part was great!"   Selena M.

"Thanks again guys,
amazing service, immaculate detailing job...  I’m so excited about my convertible again that I’ve decided to keep it!"  Theresa B. Stevenson

"I didn't even think my car could look this good!"  Julie L.

"You guys did a great job.  I'll definitely be recommending you to all my family, friends, and coworkers."
John N.

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