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Mobile auto detailing services:

Miracle Shine Inc. only uses the newest and most innovative ways to detail your vehicle's interior and exterior.

Mobile Service:  At Miracle Shine Inc. we know how busy your schedule can be. We want to make your car detailing experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Instead of you having to come to us, we will come to you and fully detail your vehicle inside out.

Interior Detailing $130-$220

Vacuum all cloth upholstery, carpets, and mats.

*  Hot water extract, shampoo, and remove stains from carpet and cloth upholstery, including the trunk.

Cleaning and washing all door mats.

Clean all interior windows.

Cleaning, degreasing, and protecting all door jams, including the trunk, using our Act 2 formula (Advanced Chemical Technology), and VERITAS industrial cleaner.

Cleaning and protecting the dash board, steering wheel, center console, stereo face plates, side door panels, stick shift, and brake/gas pedals, using our Act 2 Formula, and Nano Shield.

Cleaning inside of all vents.

Fresh scent deodorizing.

Leather seat conditioning and cleaning using Lexol, if applicable.

*  Vinyl seat protection using Nano Shield if applicable.

*  Dressing plastic and rubber parts, when applicable.

Exterior Detailing $130-$220

 *  Pre-clean car using VERITAS Pre-cleaning solutions.

*  Secondary car wash, using our new and improved Nano Clean.

*  Genuine sheep skin chamois, and micro fiber cloth hand drying of vehicle.

*  Cleaning rims, tire dressing, and removing brake dust.

*  Glass cleaning of all exterior windows.

*  Cleaning tar, tree sap, bug splatter, bird droppings, and other environmental damages and/or contaminates on the paint.

*  Guarding and protecting vehicle from UV ray/sun damage, corrosion, salt, pollution, bird droppings, oxidation, fading, acid rain, and other such environmental damages.

*  Dressing all exterior rubber and plastic parts, including engine.

*  We substitute wax with Nano Shield, which will not only shine your car better than wax, but is much better for your car's paint job (it does not trap dirt, dust, chemicals, acids, and leave yellow marks like wax does).

Complete Interior/Exterior Detailing $160-$299

Includes full interior and exterior detailing, as described above.

(Prices will be higher for extremely dirty vehicles including pet hair.)



Compound/ Polish and Exterior Detail $275 and up (based on estimate)

Includes full exterior detailing, as described above.

Scratch and swirl removal.
Removes oxidization.
* Restores your car's paint job, to make it look brand new.
* Polish car to a mirror like shine.

Please note: compounding may not be able to remove some extremely deep scratches, severe oxidization, peeling/bubbling paint, and rust.

Compound/ Polish and Complete Detail $320 and up
(based on estimate)

* Includes full exterior detailing, as described above.
* Includes full interior detailing, as described above.
* Includes compound and polish as described above.                                            




FULL MOLECULAR JACKET!  (Added to any exterior detail!)


Adds an extra layer of high gloss shine.

*  Adds a liquid like wetness, to your car's surface.

*  Layers a physical coating over your vehicle's paint.

*  Acts as a paint sealant.

*  Adds an extra layer of protection against environmental pollutants, and contaminants.

*  Resists abrasion.

*  Contains no wax.


PROFESSIONAL ODOR REMOVAL  $30 & up/vehicle (based on estimate.)

* Find source of odors.

* Treat odors.

* Remove and kill odor causing fungi and bacteria.

* Permanently eliminate:

                                                    - Tobacco smoke odor.
                                                    - Mold/mildew odors.
                                                    - Pet/urine odors.
                                                    - Decomposition odors.
                                                                 - Food/milk odors.

                                                            * Odor bomb vehicle.

* Please note:  Professional odor removal can only be offered with one of our interior detailing services.



FOREVER BLACK TRIM RESTORE   $30 & up/vehicle (based on estimate.)

The permanent solution to sun-faded bumpers and trim moldings!

* Forever Black restores a dark, black finish on sun-faded bumpers and body moldings. 

* Please note:  Forever Black trim restoration service can only be offered with one of our exterior detailing packages.

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